Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

Firm dispute resolution

Disputes in general court and administrative law and arbitration proceedings

We have extensive experience in processing in public court and administrative court in various instances or arbitration proceedings in Sweden. We have experience in assisting in disputes for companies, private individuals, government and municipal authorities.

We handle both complex and extensive disputes, minor local disputes, and more difficult-to-handle disputes, which requires especially creative handling and analysis of underlying matter.

Commercial disputes

We handle disputes in many different areas. For commercial disputes, we’re primarily experienced in the following areas:

  • commercial agreements
  • employer disputes
  • construction disputes
  • real estate
  • claims
  • intellectual property rights disputes, trademarks and copyright
  • lien
  • product liability
  • agency agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • corporate law
  • IT law
  • licensing
  • investment
  • shareholder agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • foreclosure and execution
  • rental disputes or other issues concerning rights of use
  • procurement
  • economic and non-profit associations
  • housing co-op
  • partner disputes
  • consulting
  • damages

Many disputes concern several jurisdictions at the same time and require in-depth expertise. We provide it along with close cooperation with our clients during the process. Our assistance is based on the fact that we can client’s business area and know how to best combine procedural law with the possibilities of negotiating a possible commercially viable solution.

International disputes

We handle both national and international disputes that can affect several foreign jurisdictions. We have an extensive international network of attorneys who can assist us in all countries around the world in disputes and processes. It is crucial to obtain local advice in international disputes. We coordinate contacts with foreign representatives in international cases so that as a client you get a better control of the matter and that the dispute can be managed in the best way from Sweden.

We have extensive experience dealing with litigation for companies, individuals, state and municipal authorities. We will help you handle litigation in public courts, administrative courts or arbitration. We handle both national and international disputes.