Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Public Law in practice

DeLorean Advokat has long experience of consulting related to the public sector and public procurement. This means that we can offer assistance to tenderers, authorities, state and municipal companies as well as other public actors in the area.

We have experience from very large procurements, especially in IT systems and outsourcing. We can contribute in all or some parts of the procurement process.

With background from the state and municipal sector as well as with employed political scientists, DeLorean Advokat has a deep understanding and respect for the culture within state and municipal activities. DeLorean Lawyer also has many years of experience of breadth and depth in business law. The combination of understanding and respecting both public activities and business conditions provides a significant advantage in advising on public procurement.

For tenderers we are used to negotiation and contract writing. We can act as a representative in reviewing public procurement decisions. DeLorean Advokat can also assist in the examination, processing and design of tender documents and evaluation of tenders.