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01. Width and depth

Efficient advice

We make sure your projects get the right staffing. We work lean to make sure you can focus on getting ahead and getting results. With technical tools and focused advice at the right moment, we can help you in a cost-effective manner.

02. Adjusted to your needs

Get the right level of advice

We match our expertise with your needs. We adapt our project tools to the ones you require. It provides a better delivery of legal services and gives you better control over costs.

03. Focus on results

Fulfil business goals

We are passionate about business development and how we can shape legal solutions to fit and develop your business models. This means that we always focus on ensuring that our solutions give you better value and results.

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You have no previous legal provider, but you need to outsource some or all of your legal processes. Contact us so we can set up a review meeting prior to our quote to you.

You already use several legal providers, but you want to get a better overall cost control for gathering all the business at fewer providers. Contact us for a initial meeting before we can give you a quote.

You have used a larger firm to provide for all your legal needs and now you want to see if you can lower your costs by using more efficient legal services. Contact us for a meeting before we provide you with a quote.

Commercial agreements

We have extensive experience in helping Swedish leaders and entrepreneurs on global business issues. We are also used to assisting international clients or lawyers as local counsel in Sweden. Our global contact network of lawyers and attorneys enables us to help your company locally in every country around the world. That makes it easier for you to focus on what is most important to your business.

Strategic and tactical dispute resolution

Do you and your business have unresolved disputes that have already occurred or are at risk of doing so? Do you need responsive advice that can help you and your company to be proactive rather than reactive? Take control early by clearing up and handling disputes with negotiation. We have deep experience in helping companies making business decisions and act as local counsel in litigation. We will help you allocate resources more efficiently while minimizing your risks – for better results.

Getting your inventory clear

Everyday questions about business law in demand ongoing counseling. All issues may not require an attorney, but what do you do when you need an issues to be triaged in order to assess if it’s a legal issue or not? We put issues into context and also assist you with the law regarding simpler general issues related to the management of agreements, terms and processes. Need help with a promissory note? Or questions about guarantees or authorizations? With a focus on business and results, you can always be sure that we are guiding you to the right path.

Changing legal provider

We make it easy for you to transfer your legal issues to us when you need new eyes on a situation. Do you need better abilities to control your legal costs? A second opinion? Are you dissatisfied with your current provider of legal service in terms of what they can offer? We are used to moving disputes and other cases in order for you to move ahead. Talk to us on how to make a transition as painless as possible.

Are we a match?

Call us at + 46 (0) 8 – 410 194 00 or press here to contact us to discover if we are available to you and your company.